Walk Around The Compound, Episode 8 – “Cat Thief”

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There’s a heated discussion among lovers, I do something soulless & terrible, and we get to meet some old friends. Enjoy!

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magrudergrinder23 says:

#backgammon LOL

Adam Holley says:

A map for this webcast is available here: http://imgur.com/gJcxASH

Hayley Vickers says:

I have just started watching WATC last night. I'm supposed to be packing to move on Tuesday. That will have to wait. Thanks for letting me get my big cat fix while my own small 20 pound cat plays in all the boxes. :)

Austin Cyrocki says:

I always wondered why you guys don't pet the kitties…is it because it too much of a risk..? Because they look pretty tame..but then again I know those cats can never be 100% tame..and I'm pretty sure they could pull you right through that fence…Also nice job Derek! I love these Web casts wish they could be longer but oh well..Also tell Solano I said hello! He's my favorite!

fightwatcher07 says:

haha i giggled hard when she started sniffing his scrotus 😛 hehe

mikeymiz83 says:

#backgammon lol

Zeeangel88 says:

Big question, the cubs or "beebees" are they the offspring of lions in the compound or are they outside rescues? Btw Cassie is ADORABLE! I live in FL and she reminds me of the panthers we have down here plus a squeak lol 

pchill51894 says:

OMG Krista went to my high school!!

Emily Meier says:

These are so awesome! I could sit and watch them for hours… and your rambling isn't even bad compared to mine 😛 

Oli Harding says:


Sarina Rina says:

Big cat Derek how old do you have to be to be an intern at CARE and can u visit CARE or do you have to work there? Luv u by the way:)

Lacy Deese says:

Why do you do the snuffling thing to the tigers? Will the Cubs born in the compound forever stay in the compound? ??

Ottilie Phillips says:

Just subscribed .. Your videos are awesome Derek! 😀 good job!

MoodsOfDennis HD says:

Are you guys getting cheethas anytime soon?

lorenzo monclova says:

love all the videos and all the vines 🙂 i was wondering if we could see/hear more about artic and a little bit more about the leopards really appreciate it thank you.                           keep up the good work

kwizzy902 says:

Hey Derek, two quick questions.
Can we see the feeding process?
Also, what does a big cats fur feel like? Similar to a domesticated cat or is it different?

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