What A Smart Cat!


The Redditor /u/BlupHox says:

Think my cat cant do.

whitebluebug says:

Well, if you fed her properly, she wouldn't have to go through that..
Just kidding, adorable!! :D

Taria Lorehand says:

reminds me of my shadow (RIP BUD) but he would sleep in the big pot. so cute.

Norbertas Misiūnas says:

Wow… there wasnt a comment posted on this video for 7 months…

Ana Patrícia Gaspar -Ceará says:

É lindo, inteligente e serve de alerta para saber onde procurar seu gato quando ele sumir…

sheka216 says:

that is a smart kitty :-)

Usserypackerfan2010 says:

lmao thats what my cats do sometimes they will go in there to hide!!!

CatspitProductions says:

My kitty does that. Had to secure all the cabinets. Come get some Catspit~! ☠

suizokukan says:

Oh dear. Cats are not stupid. When they want to that is.

My cats open cupboards, my fridge door and the doors so I have to lock. There is no end to their curiosity and they won't stop for anything when they want something.

Haidar Salman says:

once my cat was in the garbage can inside the cupboard,-with door closed,he started to meow,BTW if you wanna see him go to my profile and check it out.Mine is the grey and white one.The other one is his brother,buut he is my friends cat.Mine is Taffy,the other is Laffy.

JL Production says:

My cat can open his own door 

Zer0exe says:

0:25 OW! his poor tail :(

ebonyruffles says:

This is why I have a childproof latch on one of my cupboards. They dragged the whole bag of cat food out, chewed a hole in it & scattered it everywhere, also got the lid off the catnip container. Apparently I missed quite the party while I was at work!

0Sam0 says:

ARGH poor you

tyquizzical, void priest says:

ohh i love cats but i am allergic to cats, ive got astma

BingtheLizard says:

If your cat manages to open the fridge and do this, you'll notice the smell after a few weeks…

bitchface66 says:

I had a cat who could open jars. Though the only one he managed to successfully open was a giant pickle jar…he loved all kinds of food cats normally wouldn't, so he got into alot of stuff. He'd even walk around on his hind feet through the house.I didn't train him to do that. He was really something…:( he even tried to catch a deer. I wish I could find the videos

Farnaz Sabet says:

God help the owners of cats who learn to open doors, specially refrigerator, loll.
We had a cat that used to that take all goodies out and share it with the other cats at home, loll.

xsimlonienx says:

*opens* and in we go LOL :P

sharpiesnifferrawr says:

AWw such a cute cat. its like a mix of calico breed and simoese.

Katie Cree says:

that cat is not smart.. i'll be supprised if it opened up the fridge and made a sandwich!:O

Maxwell Senf says:

thats smart… getting stuck in a cupboard…

ytmnd99 says:

my cat can open are front door so we have to lock it at night. lol

Aase Lange says:

Neat. Now you just have to teach her to close it again afterwards. ;o)

cristalswan says:

really funny!!!!

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