When Cats Pray

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R.I.P Good William. 12/10/10. Billy was 18 years old this year. Go rest high on that mountain. You will be missed, old Friend.


isaac johnson says:

I haven't seen this since 09 😝😂

Kaylee Hull says:

best video ever

Heidi DeJong says:


Nakita Box says:

Sorry for people puking in Terry's shoe

llamasys the great says:

oh it hit me in the childhood!

Zoey Crider says:

this is my favorite video after all these years I wach it all the time

lissalives Smoot says:

Still my favorite after all these years!

Solo Frazier says:

My childhood, it is funny.

Ashton Harris says:

epic and funny vid

Ashanti Nashi says:

I still love this video.:))

angela acevedo says:

if I was a cat this would be me

barbie pauly says:

He outlived our Fluffy who died the same year on March 7. We will see them again, I was showed it in a dream! (:D

Acharvis says:

Classic youtube right here.

Juliana Oliveira says:

please post this video in portuguese !!!

Amelia Fantasy says:

I saw this years ago and omg haven't seen it in ages 😂👌🏻

Gracey with Fox says:

The video is really funny but I will not watch it again that now I learned he died R.I.P fluffy😭

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