wild elephant chasing vehicles at the Katharagama (Sri lanka)


Swiftie Forever says:

say whatever you want but they look so cute while eating

baban kumar says:

Elephant doesn't like Autos

Anuradha Perera says:

Paw eya kema illanne

sktneer says:

I have never seen this like one elephant on the road and another one sitting in a car and shooting this video.

Mr Bond says:

Asking for food….. Hungry elephant….

Balwinder Kumar says:

lift maag raha h bechara

Anuranjan Thakur says:

Biker it was just a second u get save

Harjeth S says:

If the bus stopped and called u why u did no not go

shrikant nayak says:

bidu is r TBI dj of do HD rubs CDT kits ESD hi Dr to in

Vincent Monanka says:

It's great pleasure with u-tube


wide life must be protected

Md Tarikul Alam says:

I think that motor cyclist had no proper driving licence .so elephant wanted to fine him

Sanakya Samraj says:

Don't take risk

Arun Nambiar says:

She want some food.nice elephant

นักฆ่า เลือดเย็น says:


Abdesh Kumar says:


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