World’s Biggest Fart – The Hippo

The Hippopotamus is a giant in the animal kingdom and hold the dubious title of world’s most prolific farter! If farting was a animal olympic event the hippo would surely hold the gold medal.


Stompie Joe says:

who started the chainsaw in the middle of the video?

Brezzy Bradley says:

That's literally when shit hits the fan.

Aurascent Storm says:

Me listening to someone's unwanted opinion:

Sameer Pagare says:

25 million people are curious to watch a fart

Steven Bentsen says:

It actually sounds like a Honda Civic that’s been swooped up on a drag strip racing & running a hard drag race, with the exhaust 💨

Roshan Shrestha says:

My new ringtone 😀

Ryan Kiddo says:

What the hell I'm doing with my life

Marci Samms says:

yes fart at the obnoxious humans gawking at you kept a prisoner

Dylan Lloyd says:

Jeez… Can't blame that one on the dog. 🙂

Gilgamesh says:

Thats a shart/muckspread.

Mulloway Man says:

Now that is a fart to be proud of! I salute you hippo.

Kevin Waters says:

Bless my soul !

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