Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD] – What Does the Cat Say?

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What Does the Cat Say? A cat parody of Ylvis – What Does the Fox Say
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Manuel Rivera says:

Thank you Team N2 for the support into adopt homeless cats! You rocks!

Olivia Jones Jones says:


isa lu 6 isa lu 6 says:


Mr. Murray Mr. Murray says:

What does the cat really say?????? More than we think! Funny video!

LPS Red says:

This so cringey….

mangle the pirate fox says:

love it I miss u n2 and nc (nightcrawler)

DimPlayz says:

is this pervert stampy's voice

Lia Chavez says:

What just happind?!

Katie Clarke says:

Call the police lol

Katie Gruver says:

ok ill find your cat

Katie Gruver says:

YES I WOUDE adopt a homeless cat

Annette Macedo says:

What does the cat say?????? meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!!!!

Annette Macedo says:

What does the cat say?????? meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!!!!

Neftali Solis says:

this cat look's like my cat kuno

Jammer0r7v7AJ Zayna says:

I remember when I would watch this song with my black cat she has gone missing for weeks now and I feel so lonely i'v had her even when she was 3 weeks old because I found her in a box coverd in oul and flies she is a best friend if you live in lake Travis please keep a eye out😿

Aeris Long says:

Ha! This is so cool! 😊💖🐙

Cassandra Mullen says:

here comes N2 cat crew!!!! singing the CUTE SONG WHAT DOES THAT CAT SAY I I I II I IM A CAT!!

Samuel DuCharme says:

people please sub to n2 i know he will like it

xotchil danio says:

i want to meet you

Irma Diaz says:

I like the elifante costume so so much is is cute I love your song

Griffin Shell says:

N2 does not talk you edit it but I still love the channe

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